[Computer-go] Alphago

Detlef Schmicker ds2 at physik.de
Thu May 25 03:42:06 PDT 2017


might be a little impolite, but I wonder about the strength of alphago.

The version playing Ke Jie seems to be about as strong (or stronger) as
Ke Jie is. I have the feeling the playing strength is carefully chosen
not to be too strong.

In the press conference it was told, alphago is running on one machine
this time with 10% of the computational power of the version playing Lee

The thinking time seems to be quite low too, at least twice the time per
move should be no problem.

I wonder, if alphago still scales good with computational power. The
(not so) strong go programs on CGOS seem all still scale quite good with
computational power, about 100ELO stronger with twice of the
computational power.

Probably alphago team tested this and they know, if a version with 20
times more computational power can give the actual version really 3
stones, and so might be able to give 3 stones to very strong pros too?!


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