[Computer-go] How is zen so strong on CGOS?

Detlef Schmicker ds2 at physik.de
Wed Jan 25 06:53:40 PST 2017


I'd like to start a discussion on what zen might do being so strong on
CGOS with only one core and no graphic card :)

The version actual playing (and therefore best comparable to the
programs actual playing) is

Rank 	Name 			Elo 	+ 	− 	Games
12 	Zen-13.5-1c0g 		3639 	48 	48 	569
16 	Aya792p2v2cn50_12t 	3558 	46 	46 	476
24 	Rn.3.3-4c 		3459 	34 	34 	918
26 	No335-4.5-gpu-4c 	3438 	115 	115 	112
29 	CGI1407_1_475_7c 	3399 	73 	73 	142
53 	CrazyStone-0002 	3239 	114 	114 	141
54 	NG-05 			3235 	67 	67 	228

No335 is probably Hirabot
NG is oakfoam
from crazystone I dont know, if this version uses gpu
Rn is probably ray

All but Zen use gpu and so have probably about 300 policy network calls
per second.

Zen does this on cpu and I got Hideki to let me know, that this can do
only about 20 calls per second :)

It might be that zen uses cnn only in the upper nodes and relies on the
faster node generation zen used before cnn for deeper nodes?

I can not believe, that the policy network is so much stronger than the
ones of all the others?!

Any ideas


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