[Computer-go] AlphaGo rollout nakade patterns?

Roel van Engelen ich.bun.ut at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 07:15:08 PST 2017

I am trying to re-create the fast rollout policy as described by deepMind
but got stuck on the nakade patterns:
"Nakade, # of patterns 8192: Move matches a nakade pattern at captured

the "at captured stone" confuses me, my first thought is: "this is only
computed if stones have been captured recently" but
i don't think that is correct. how should i read it?

since they say "# of patterns 8192" i imagine they found some way to hash
them just like the 3x3 and 12point diamond shapes but so far
i have not found a way to do so. I found that other engines use heuristics
to find nakade patterns so my question is does AlphaGo use patterns and
does somebody know how this works?

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