[Computer-go] Messages classified as spam.

Rémi Coulom remi.coulom at free.fr
Thu Jan 12 02:55:03 PST 2017

It is the mail server of this mailing list that is not well configured. Even my own messages are classified as spam for me now. The list does not send DKIM identification.

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De: "Gian-Carlo Pascutto" <gcp at sjeng.org>
À: computer-go at computer-go.org
Envoyé: Jeudi 12 Janvier 2017 10:45:43
Objet: Re: [Computer-go] Computer-go - Simultaneous policy and value functions reinforcement learning by MCTS-TD-Lambda ?

Patrick, for what it's worth, I think almost no-one will have seen your
email because laposte.net claims it's forged. Either your or
laposte.net's email server is mis-configured.

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