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The thing about sel-drivifng AI: it can be improved en masse. Tesla can fix a problem and send the fix to a million cars. Can't say the same about a million human drivers. Each must independently pass Darwin's test. 
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    On Saturday, January 7, 2017 10:28 PM, Mark Goldfain <MarkGoldfain at comcast.net> wrote:

   Perhaps you did not hear about the fatal Tesla crash in Florida on 05/07/16?
Or the fatal crash in China of a Tesla on 01/16/16, which only got reported in the news around September?
Frankly, there has not been a lot of coverage of these 2 events.

                     -- Mark

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| The first time someone's killed by an AI-controlled vehicle, you can be
| sure it'll be world news. That's how journalism works.
| Nick
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