[Computer-go] Our Silicon Overlord

Robert Jasiek jasiek at snafu.de
Fri Jan 6 21:29:46 PST 2017

On 06.01.2017 23:37, Jim O'Flaherty wrote:
> into a position with superko [...] how do you even get AlphaGo into a the arcane
> state in the first place,

I can't in practice.

I have not provided a way to beat AlphaGo from the game start at the 
empty board.

All I have shown is that there are positions beyond AlphaGo's 
capabilities to refute your claim that AlphaGo would handle all 
positions well.

Hui and Lee constructed positions with such aspects: Hui with long-term 
aji, Lee with complex reduction aji. Some versions of AlphaGo mishandled 
the situations locally or locally + globally.

> The professional players will be
> open to all sorts of creative ideas on how to find weaknesses with AlphaGo.

Or the amateur players or theoreticians.

> Perhaps you can persuade one of the 9p-s to explore your idea
> of pushing the AlphaGo AI in this direction.

Rather I'd need playing time against AlphaGo.

> IOW, we are now well outside of provable spaces

For certain given positions, proofs of difficulty exist. Since Go is a 
complete-information game, there can never be a proof that AlphaGo could 
never do it. There can only ever be proofs of difficulty.

> mathematical proof around a full game

 From the empty board? Of course not (today).

> We cannot formally prove much simpler models,

Formal proofs for certain types of positions (such as with round_up(n/2) 
n-tuple kos) exist.

robert jasiek

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