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Competitive with Alpha-go, one developer, not possible. I do think it is possible to make a pro level program with one person or a small team. Look at Deep Zen and Aya for example. I expect I’ll get there (pro level) with Many Faces as well.




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As an individual? Probably, yes.


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Le 05/01/2017 à 02:16, Yamato a écrit :
> Yes, it is AlphaGo. I am relieved that DeepMind clarified this.
> Honestly I got a little frustrated that many people didn't think that
> was AlphaGo. It was almost clear to me because I know the difficulty of
> developing AlphaGo-like bots.
thanks for this insight, if I understand well developing a bot
competitive with alphago
is nearly an impossible task?

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