[Computer-go] Are the AlphaGols coming?

Paweł Morawiecki pawel.morawiecki at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 05:01:19 PST 2017


> So, do you want to say that "Master" might be AlphaGo?
> From the disucssion I thought that "Master" was a chinese bot.
> I'd put all my money it's AlphaGo. They were certified by Korean Baduk
Association, hence a Korean flag when playing on Tygem. My personal belief
is that these games
put talks with Chinese Association in a right perspective. All people from
DeepMind always show a great respect towards pro go players, their
dedication and achievements.

Demis tweeted: "*we've been hard at work improving AG, delighted to
announce that more games will be played in early 2017! More details soon". *

But it was 2 months ago. I guess it's been just very hard talks that's why
they are silent. It's hard (for both sides) and propose and accept quite a
handicapped games. Such a powerful show on Tygem/Foxwq, hopefully, makes
matters smoother.


> If Aja is reading: can you enlighten us?
> Cheers, Ingo.
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