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Seems suprisingly strong. Given that no super vcluster availab,´le for
trainning. Have at least on accoutn rated would be nice since in unrated
games people experiment  quite a lot at cost of playing well.

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> Seems like extraordinarily fast progress. Great to hear that.
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> Hello in the round,
> I am not sure how narrowly people from the list are following the progress
> of Gian Carlo Pascutto's project Zero Leela. Therefore, here are some
> impressions.
> The project site is:
> http://zero.sjeng.org/
> Shortly before Christmas some guys in the German Go mailing list claimed
> that LeelaZero had not yet reached a 25-kyu rank. To get an own impression
> I (with an inactive rating of 18-kyu) went on KGS and played a free game
> against LeelaZSlow. This version takes exactly 28 seconds per move, even in
> trivial situations. Long paragraph, short outcome: I lost clearly. You can
> download the sgf from here:
> http://files.gokgs.com/games/2017/12/21/GoIngo-LeelaZSlow.sgf
> In the meantime the KGS versions of Leela have made considerable progress.
> For instance, yesterday and today two 1-dans and a 3-dan were beaten in
> single games.
> However, Leela also has "strange" weaknesses. The most serious one
> concerns hopeless ladders. The only way out for Leela seems to be to play
> early tengen-like moves (as possible ladder breakers).
> At least three versions of LeelaZero are active:
> LeelaZFast, LeelaZSlow, and LeelZeroT.
> As soon as a new "best" LeelaZero version has emerged in selfplay runs (of
> length 400 games) it substitutes the previous version for play on KGS.
> Currently this happens 1 or 2 times per day.
> Ingo.
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