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Rémi Coulom remi.coulom at free.fr
Fri Dec 29 04:50:16 PST 2017

I also wonder about this. A purely convolutional approach would save a lot of weights. The output for pass can be set to be a single bias parameter, connected to nothing. Setting pass to a constant might work, too. I don't understand the reason for such a complication.

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Is there some particular reason AGZ uses two 1x1 filters for the policy head instead of one? 

They could also have allowed more, but I guess that would be expensive? I calculate that the fully connected layer has 2*361*362 weights, where 2 is the number of filters. 

By comparison the value head has only a single 1x1 filter, but it goes to a hidden layer of 256. That gives 1*361*256 weights. Why not use two 1x1 filters here? Maybe since the final output is only a single scalar it's not needed? 

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