[Computer-go] AlphaGo's Endgame Mistakes

Robert Jasiek jasiek at snafu.de
Sat Aug 19 03:48:52 PDT 2017

Reading Invisible, it is apparent that AlphaGo makes score-related 
mistakes in the endgame, ko fights or virtual ko fights (read: wasting 
ko threats) occurring during the early endgame if AlphaGo wins 
nevertheless. So we cannot say yet that they would be win-related (or 
winning-probability-related) mistakes. AlphaGo plays better endgame if 
it needs to. The score-related mistakes are easily explained in terms of 
traditional human go theory or more clearly in terms of formal go theory 
using the score-related view (larger score is better than smaller score 
in perfect play with perfect information).

So far, it seems unknown whether AlphaGo might also make some of those 
mistakes when its win is still unclear (winning probability near 50%).

Improving AlphaGo's play WRT to the score-related mistakes seems 
straightforward: first create moves as currently, then dynamically 
iterate komi increments for specific positions during the games and 
create a second instance of AlphaGo modified due to its improved play 
with tougher komi.

robert jasiek

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