[Computer-go] Alphago and solving Go

John Tromp john.tromp at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 11:50:48 PDT 2017

> And what is the connection between the number of "positions" and the number
> of games

The number of games is at most 361^#positions.

> or even solving games? In the game trees we do not care about
> positions, but about situations.

We care about lots of things, including intersections, stones,
liberties, strings, positions, sets of previous positions.

> I'm actually surprised that this "absurd" to you...

I said that referring to a board configuration together with the set
of all previously occurring board configurations (and turn to move) as
"position" is absurd.
We need a simple word to denote a board configuration, and "position" fits
that requirement. A good word for all the relevant historical
information leading up to a position is "situation".


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