[Computer-go] Alphago and solving Go

Vincent Richard vincent.francois.richard at gmail.com
Sun Aug 6 07:39:33 PDT 2017

*Is Alphago **brute **force search? *

No, simply because there are way to many possibilities in the game, 
roughly (19x19)!

Alphago tries to consider the game like the human do: it evaluates the 
board from only a limited set of moves, based on its "instinct". This 
instinct is generated from deep convolutionnal neural network (see 
alphago's aper for details 

*Is it possible to solve Go for 19x19 ? *
If I remember correctly, I pretty sure a team has solved go for 5x5 
boards. I let you guess reaching 19x19 is quite impossible. It is often 
said there are ore games of go than atoms in the universe

*And what does perfect play in Go look like? *
=> Alphago is currently the best players, hence the closest to a perfect 
play. Google Deepmind has published 50 self played games alphago 
Some reviews by Michael Redmond have been published on youtube: 

*How far are current top pros from perfect play?*
=> Difficult to say, even if Alphago is strong, some pros feel it still 
does some mistakes.

Vincent Richard

Le 06-Aug-17 à 10:49 PM, Cai Gengyang a écrit :
> Is Alphago brute force search?
> Is it possible to solve Go for 19x19 ?
> And what does perfect play in Go look like?
> How far are current top pros from perfect play?
> Gengyang
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