[Computer-go] codecentric Challenge 2016: Round 4

"Ingo Althöfer" 3-Hirn-Verlag at gmx.de
Sun Sep 18 04:42:43 PDT 2016

Hi all,

today Roun 4 of the codecentric Challenge 2016 will
be played.

Combattants are on human side Lukas Kraemer (German Champion 2013-2015),
and on computer side Zen19X, the currently best Zen version without
graphic cards.

Zen is leading by 2-1.
The event format is "best of 5". So, Zen has already
its first match "ball" today.

Playing venue is the computer room of KGS.
The game starts at 16:00 UCT (so in 4 + eps hours from now).

Ingo, co-organizer of the Challenge.

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