[Computer-go] "Google event match" in October?

Paweł Morawiecki pawel.morawiecki at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 01:12:05 PDT 2016

Dear Aja,

On the _official_ website of Korean Baduk Association, specifically on
their schedule (http://www.baduk.or.kr/info/schedule.asp), they announce
what is called "Google event match(es) in October. Looks like 3 matches, 3
rounds per match. Dates are as follows:

10/03 1st match 1st Round
10/04 1st match 2nd Round
10/17 1st match 3rd Round

10/18 2nd match 1st Round
10/24 2nd match 2nd Round
10/25 2nd match 3rd Round

10/31 3rd match 1st Round
11/01 3rd match 2nd Round
11/02 3rd match 3rd Round

Is it AlphaGo playing, perhaps with 3 players? Or it is just some event
(tournament) which is sponsored by Google?

Best regards,
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