[Computer-go] World Go Championship

Hideki Kato hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp
Tue Nov 29 07:01:44 PST 2016

Dear Ingo,

For this time, Nihon kiin recommended (and chosen) Zen for the seat 
probably by the right of the organizer.
#Nihon kiin first asked AlphaGo but declined due to its schedule, an 
article reported.


>Hi Hideki,
>that sounds very interesting.
>> Nihon Kiin created a new Go tournament, "World Go Championship", which 
>> will be held in March 21st to 23rd, in Osaka, Japan.
>> Top three professional players from Japan, China and Korea and one 
>> Computer Go program will attend. 
>Big questions:
>* Where can computer programmers apply on behalf of their bots?
>* Will there be a qualifier tournament for bots?
>Looking forward to this event with big eyes,
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