[Computer-go] Deep Zen vs Cho Chikun -- Round 3

Hideki Kato hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp
Wed Nov 23 14:03:46 PST 2016

Thanks David.

It's now.

In the same afternoon, Zen vs Yonil Ha 6p was played on KGS as a part 
of Neyagawa Igo Shogi Festival in Neyagawa city, Osaka, Japan.  
(Zen19X vs neyagawa. The time was set 4 hours to avoid KGS's time 
control and actually a move was played in 30s).

This Zen ran on a dual Xeon server with one nVidia GTX-1080 in my 
room.  I ran seven threads.  This shows recent Zen on a PC with a 
highend GPU is enough to beat pro at short-time settings.  

Also, Zen on a dual-core laptop (ThinkPad X250; Core i7 5600U at 2.6 GHz) 
beat a pro a few times in personal trials (also fast games).


David Fotland: <06c901d245a8$d41405f0$7c3c11d0$@smart-games.com>:
>Congratulations to Zen for playing so well against a strong pro. It won't 
>be long until anyone can get a pro strength go program that runs on their 
>ordinary PC.
Hideki Kato <mailto:hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp>

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