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"Ingo Althöfer" 3-Hirn-Verlag at gmx.de
Sat Nov 19 08:24:27 PST 2016

Hi Richard,
> ... I'm intrigued by the expression "pressing thumbs". I imagine 
> it's close to our "crossing fingers".

it is indeed the same.

And when we are just exchanging differences in languages;
here is the English translation of a short German text which I
designed a few days ago. Did I miss something in the translation 
or is it fine?

Go for Managers !
>From Vanilla Leadership to Top Management

Ingo Althofer, November 2016

Dedicated to Bruce Wilcox. In his famous go book "Ez-Go ... in a nutshell"
(from 1996) he had mentioned his manager courses on Go.

Good news first: Manager Krautmuller gets a salary increase. The bad side: He has no idea what to do with the extra money. So, likely the taxman and his wife will share the bonanza. But this time his spouse had another plan: "Darling, you should use the extra money for a nice hobby.” 

He: "Hobby? I thought you need new shoes." She elucidated: “Cosmopolitan” had had an article saying that only a special hobby would promote a normal manager to a top one. And Pamela from next villa (you know, her husband is CEO already) had also mentioned, that it would need such a hobby to let a manager become a character. Krautmuller made several proposals, but his wife ratified none of them:
* Tennis  -  only still a bad joke in white;
* Kite surfing  -  has too much of nouveau; ...
* Collecting oldtimers -  by how much, again, had your salary increased?

After a moment of silence she exclaimed the magic word: GO ! 
Very exclusive, but at the same time also rich in tradition. And since the triumph of AlphaGo it is globally accepted, with just the proper amount of snobbism. Finally: they also have hierarchies in Go, and just not too flat.

Next day, Krautmuller googled a seller and ordered the bare necessities: a nice Japanese Go table, 
bowls from rosewood, Go stones in natural coral (white) and indonesian volcanic basalt (black), a digital Go clock, and finally the 19-volume textbook series “From beginner to Shodan in 80 days.” Delivery was prompt. By chance, Krautmuller was at home when the parcel arrived. He arranged everything nicely in the living room, as a surprise for his wife. But when she came it was a rude awakening: 

"Our neighbor, the CEO, has also started playing Go. This means it is dead for you!
Send back all the shit and let them return the money.  I need new shoes!"

Cheers, Ingo.

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