[Computer-go] Time policy

valkyria at phmp.se valkyria at phmp.se
Fri Nov 4 07:25:15 PDT 2016

Just one additional thing. If you plan to play online (CGOS) you need 
have a buffer for lag.

That is if the opponent plays on until the board is filled, you might 
end up playing another 100 moves. Even if your program responds locally 
in 0.0001 seconds the lag of systems out of your control might quickly 
make you spend several seconds time extra.


On 2016-11-04 04:45, Billy White wrote:
> Hi,
> Our team is working on a computer go system mainly followed alphago.
> We try to add time policy to our system but cannot find something
> useful.
> I am wondering whether there are some useful material?
> Thanks (:
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