[Computer-go] Time policy

Gian-Carlo Pascutto gcp at sjeng.org
Fri Nov 4 01:00:58 PDT 2016

On 04-11-16 04:45, Billy White wrote:
> Hi,
> Our team is working on a computer go system mainly followed alphago.
> We try to add time policy to our system but cannot find something
> useful.
> I am wondering whether there are some useful material?

Take a large games database, and construct a table of expected number of
moves remaining based on the current move of the game.

Divide total amount of time left by the output of that table.

Test if biasing it to think slightly longer early on helps playing strength.

If there is byo-yomi time. the required extra thinking time generally
flows logically from the byo-yomi timecontrol and the above.


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