[Computer-go] US Go Congress 2016 "Computer Go Afternoon" invitation

Chun Sun sunchun79 at gmail.com
Sun May 29 05:56:57 PDT 2016

Hello everyone,

I'd like to bump up the thread and announce another team attending USGC
this summer:

Wantong Technology from China will attend USGC with their automatic game
recording and broadcasting app "JustGo". Lei Chen 7d (CEO) and Yi Tang 2p
will come to Boston to do the demo.

Here is a demo for an internal version, pretty sure the July version will
be better...


Thank you, and hope to see you this summer in Boston.
Chun Sun
co-Director, USGC 2016

On Fri, Apr 15, 2016 at 10:54 AM, Chun Sun <sunchun79 at gmail.com> wrote:

> [Demo Stations; Poster sessions; Freestyle Q&A; chat with anyone]
> Hello everyone,
> We are happy to announce that we will have the "Computer Go Afternoon"
> event in the US Go Congress <http://www.gocongress.org/> in Boston this
> summer. It will be arranged on Thursday, August 4th, 2016, from 2pm - 5pm. We
> will have a dedicated large meeting room + hallway demo/poster stations +
> white board + boards/stones for computer go developers.
> This is:
>    - A salon for devs to meet each other in person, hangout and talk.
>    - An opportunity to ask questions and share pains about corner cases,
>    parameter selections, or other random technical details with experts and
>    colleagues.
>    - A stage to show-off your Go related projects. It can be *any*
>    interesting projects other than playing bots.
>    - A chance to test your program against curious real players in any
>    strength. You can find your potential test engineer with pro strength too.
> This is Not:
>    - A bot competition.
>    - An academic conference.
>    - A chance to revenge to another dev in real game if your program is
>    weaker.
> The afternoon will be more about connecting people. We hope everyone will
> enjoy.
> We already have confirmed attendance from the AlphaGo team. We are working
> on confirming attendance with some other teams, I will update on this
> thread with better information along the way.
> You can sign up for USGC now (register at www.gocongress.org) then send
> me your abstracts (or ads with pics, or videos) later. If I get your
> material before 6/30, I can manage to advertise it before the congress
> opens.
> This year's USGC also features keynote speech at the opening ceremony,
> Saturday(7/30) evening, by Aja Huang and Fan Hui from the AlphaGo team.
> Email me if you have any questions.
> Thank you, and hope to see you this summer in Boston.
> Chun Sun
> co-Director, USGC 2016
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