[Computer-go] new bot friendly go server.

Rémi Coulom remi.coulom at free.fr
Mon May 23 06:48:40 PDT 2016

Hi Henry,

Thanks for your message. I tried your server (as a human player, not a bot). It might become an interesting alternative to CGOS, mixing humans and bots together.

I find it annoying that I cannot choose my pseudo. I understand that you might not want to worry about moderating offensive pseudos. But it is really frustrating.

Also, I would like to be able to watch games played by others.

I (GentleWindCrow) just played a game against "CurlyLion". After a while, it stopped playing. I believe I might have lost on time. But there was no message, and the game became blocked.

It would be nice to indicate whether the opponent is bot or human.

I am curious about your rating system, too.


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Envoyé: Dimanche 22 Mai 2016 10:56:09
Objet: [Computer-go] new bot friendly go server.

Hello, I would like to invite all you go bot developers to my new go server. 


Here are a few reasons why its bot friendly. Its a simple (and very pretty) auto match server, with no handicaps, and only such pairings that there is a reasonable chance for both players to win. The only rule-set is Chinese and there is no arbitration in scoring, server provides estimate on which stones are dead, if either player thinks its wrong, they play cleanup, removing all dead stones from the board. Clock runs even during scoring, and there is no disconnect protection, ensuring all games finish in a timely manner. There are no restrictions against bots playing each other, however pairing algorithm tries to avoid repeat pairings. Accounts rating are much more accurate than standard elo yet will never get "heavy" allowing for quick testing of bot features. All games are ranked and there is no special registration requirements for bots. 

While there are hundreds of games being played every day by beta testers (ranging from double digit kyus to high dans), the server is still in stealth mode of sorts. I would like to give any bots a few days head start before opening it to the public. The server provides a RESTful interface, but there is a simple GTP translation code available for it, which is used to run Pachi and GnuGo at the moment. 


-Henry Hemming 
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