[Computer-go] Go Congress in St. Petersburg

Michael Palant michael.palant at outlook.de
Sun May 8 23:15:39 PDT 2016

Dear Go-friends! From 22.7.2016 to 8.8.2016 we organize the 60th. European Go Congress in St. Petersburg.We kindly invite you to participate in our Computer GO event.Details have not been fixed yetWe would be glad, if you could tell us, what kind of tournament youwould like to have.Especially:* would you like to participate with a program?* would you like to be at the venue itself?if yes, any requirements?if no, should the tournament run on kgs?* if any, what hardware restrictions would you prefer?* the prize of the winner is supposed to be a game against aprofessional, any other suggestions?Post us your ideas!We are open for questions.Best,Michael 		 	   		  
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