[Computer-go] COmputer Olympiads 2016 and 2011

Hideki Kato hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp
Sat May 7 14:57:44 PDT 2016

Thanks Ingo for the nice photos, 

The nice guy in the photo of "Go programmers" is Jun'ichi 
Hashimoto from JAIST (without glasses; photo with glasses 
although looks very differently :).  He was visiting Tilburg 
univ for his doctor thesis (with Jaap?) in 2011 and worked 
harder for the events as a staff.

He also had a talk on "Accelerated UCT and Its Application to 
Two-Player Games" in ACG2011 

Best, Hideki

Ingo Althofer: <trinity-64aebc67-877b-4584-b9b1-bc52236c089b-1462634102064 at 3capp-gmx-bs35>: 
>Hello everybody,
>(i) This year the Computer Olympiad takes place in Leiden (NL),
>from June 27 to July 03. The deadline for participation
>is approaching quickly: participants have to register
>until May 15 (otherwise their fees double). More info here:
>(ii) Five years ago, the ICGA Computer Olympiad took place
>in Tilburg. I looked in some old folders and found a
>few pictures on the computer Go part of that event.
>You can watch them here:
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