[Computer-go] cgos <--> kgs rating

Hiroshi Yamashita yss at bd.mbn.or.jp
Tue Jun 28 10:42:30 PDT 2016


I have some data. CGOS is 19x19.

                    CGOS    KGS  Botname  Time 
Aya788d_p1v0_6c12t  3235    6d   AyaMC    1min + 15sec x10
Aya786m_4c          2965    4d   AyaMC4   1min + 15sec x10
AyaF128_507_ro_1k   2736    3d   AyaBotD1 10min + 30sec x5
Aya786l_10k         2675    2d   AyaMC2   10min + 30sec x5
Aya786m_5k          2564    2d   AyaBot2  10min + 30sec x5
Aya786m_1k          2176    1k   AyaBot01 10min + 30sec x5
Gnugo-3.7.10-a1     1800    5k
AyaBot              1392    9k   AyaBot   10min + 30sec x5

This post has also some info.

guess AlphaGo's CGOS rating

Hiroshi Yamashita

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From: "Detlef Schmicker" <ds2 at physik.de>
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Subject: [Computer-go] cgos <--> kgs rating

> Hay,
> I wonder if somebody has the same program (with the same settings)
> rated on cgos 19x19 and kgs?
> I am still fighting with resigning in the case of value-network and
> playouts disagree, so I can not run oakfoam on kgs, but would like to
> have a strength hint :)
> Thanks Detlef

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