[Computer-go] Scoring Network

Igor Polyakov weiqiprogramming at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 23:22:33 PDT 2016

I don't know about different stages of the game. Intuitively, a certain 
area is in different stages of being settled. Certain joseki only leave 
2 points up for grabs in the endgame, while other areas might stay 
unsettled (ko for life) for 150 moves.

On 2016-06-22 22:50, Stefan Kaitschick wrote:
> Has anyone ever tried to build a value network that is trained on 
> finished positions?
> I admit that would be less awesome than what AlphaGo's value network 
> has achieved.
> But reducing the task to status and scoring might help in endgame play.
> Generalizing this, there could be several value networks, each 
> specialized on a different stage of the game.
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