[Computer-go] KGS 8-dan and strong opponents

Hideki Kato hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp
Tue Jun 21 01:38:03 PDT 2016

Dear Ingo and others,

I'd like to note that Zen19A limits the handicap upto 4 stones 
instead of usual 6.  This is the reason the account is not Zen19 
but Zen19A.  #It's weill known that MC bots are not good at 
(high) handicap games.

Best, Hideki

Ingo Althofer: <trinity-dc26271f-287f-4ae8-9d4a-e45ffc26e4bc-1466492847498 at 3capp-gmx-bs06>: 
>for the first time there is a bot with "stable" 8-dan rank on KGS:
>Zen19A, an alternative Zen account.
>Congratulations to the Zen team! 
>And an observation:
>Already several games against human players with 8-dan 
>or 9-dan rank have been played by Zen19A in the last 
>12 hours.
>Likely, opponents in this strong range will help the
>programmers to improve their brainchild further. 
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