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Henry Hemming typo.hh at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 06:02:20 PDT 2016

Unfortunately I had to make some changes to
http://goratingserver.appspot.com , which broke the bot interface (updates
now come in via web sockets). However it should now be a lot easier to
connect a bot to the server as I created a jar file and configuration ini
file that connects a command line gtp bot to the server just like on KGS.
The jar file and an example ini file (for gnu-go) as well as source code is
available at https://github.com/typohh/GTPRest .

Hopefully the site looks prettier and works more reliably now. Dead stone
estimation should be much more accurate and only need cleanup in
exceptional circumstances (fewer than than 1/200 games). I have no
intention of putting up ads on the site and only plan to charge for custom
names nothing else (to cover some of the server costs). Because of the
changes in protocol the official launch of the website also got delayed, if
however everything runs smoothly for a few more days I will run two day
tournament for beta testers to stress test the site followed by a public
tournament (basically whoever gets highest rating before deadline, and
another category with additional minimum number of games played during the
tournament time frame). Bots will be welcome to participate in the
tournament, more on that later.

Right now there are some human beta testers and 4 bots playing on the site.
The bots are between 15kyu, and 2dan which should guarantee a pairing for
any player within ~15 minutes at most.

Once again any and all feedback much appreciated.

-Henry Hemming
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