[Computer-go] OGS Alan Turing Main Title Tournament 2016

"Ingo Althöfer" 3-Hirn-Verlag at gmx.de
Sat Jul 30 01:05:58 PDT 2016

thanks for the link.

I expect this to become the first time where either
a computer or a computer-assisted human will win the event.


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Sorry, the correct link should be: https://online-go.com/tournament/17742
2016-07-30 0:49 GMT-07:00 SR G <gamesorry at gmail.com[gamesorry at gmail.com]>:
OGS Alan Turing Main Title Tournament 2016 (https://online-go.com/tournament/[https://online-go.com/tournament/17053]17742) is starting on August 1st, 2016.
- Most participants are humans.
- Robots and computer assisted humans are allowed.
- Board size: 19x19
- Timing system: Fischer Timing
- Initial timer: 7 days
- Increment per move: 1 day
- Maximum time: 7 days_______________________________________________ Computer-go mailing list Computer-go at computer-go.org http://computer-go.org/mailman/listinfo/computer-go[http://computer-go.org/mailman/listinfo/computer-go]

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