[Computer-go] Zen19X achieved stable KGS 7d

Hideki Kato hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp
Sat Jan 30 17:16:25 PST 2016

Petr Baudis: <20160130150502.GF12004 at machine.or.cz>: 
>  Hi,
>  it seems that Zen19X grabbed at KGS 7d and looks like it's gonna hold!
>	http://www.gokgs.com/gameArchives.jsp?user=zen19x&year=2016&month=1&oldAcounts=y
>It's fairly fast, but not terribly so, and while it's unfortunate most of
>the games are handicaps against low dans, there probably isn't any other
>way on KGS these days.
>  Congratulations to the Zen team!  Weren't AlphaGo announced pretty
>much at the same moment Zen19X started playing, this would be a really
>huge news, bumping the state-of-art by two KGS ranks; this was quite
>an unlucky timing for Zen...  Still, a treat for KGS denizens. :-)

Thanks Pasky, but the timing could be the worst :).  It took 
almost 4 years from 6d to 7d.  One good thing is that Zen19X is 
running on not a clsuter but just a dual-Xeon (2 x 12 core) 
server.  The kiblitz asked me about AlphaGo but that's all.  
Their support for Zen is unchanged at all because, I guess, they 
can't play with AlphaGo but Zen and either is strong enough for 
them.  There were more than 120 watchers on a game with an 8d.

>  Is this a result of adding a DCNN move classifier to the Zen MCTS as
>another prior, or some other improvement?

Yes, this version uses DCNN (Yamato's original implementation), 
which improves the plays in early stages a lot (maybe better 
global evaluation than the use of B-T model due to the aparture 
size?) and lets Zen play sicker and less offensive (better 
compensation of the bias of MoGo-type local-priortized 

This version beats the previous with 80% and is improved more 
than 200 Elo on CGOS.
where the new version is Zen-10.8-1c (3306) and the previous is 
Zen-1c-2.8G (3078; ver. 10.4).  Either uses one core of an i7 
5960X.  #Zen-10.8-2c (3505) uses two cores and gets 200 more 

#The version runs on KGS is 10.9 which has the number of handcap 
stones in the input layer but looks almot no effects :(.


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