[Computer-go] Game Over

"Ingo Althöfer" 3-Hirn-Verlag at gmx.de
Wed Jan 27 22:00:09 PST 2016

Hello Anders,

thanks for the summary on the smartgo site.

> ... the truncated rollouts mentioned in the paper are still unclear to me.

The greatest expert on these rollouts might be Richard Lorentz.
He applied them successfully to his bots in the games Amazons (not to be mixed up
with the online bookshop), Havannah and Breakthrough. Richard found that in many
applications a truncation level of 4 moves seem to work quite well.
There is a paper by him on this topic in the proceedings of the conference
Advances in Computer Games 2015 (in Leiden , NL), published by Springer
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS).

A very early application of truncated rollouts was applied by Brian
Sheppard in his bot for Scrabble (MAVEN).


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