[Computer-go] Using gogui to visualize a CNN for move prediction

Denis Blumstein denis.blumstein at orange.fr
Sat Jan 9 03:21:22 PST 2016

Maybe you can also have a look at the michi-c code to see how gogui 
analyze commands can be used https://github.com/db3108/michi-c2 (code in C).

Look for the function display_live_gfx() (in ui.c where it is defined 
and in michi.c where it is used) and also in the doc/manual.html to see 
the results of the implemented commands.


On 09/01/2016 10:32, RĂ©mi Coulom wrote:
> Use gogui itself, and check gogui analyze commands:
> http://gogui.sourceforge.net/doc/analyze.html
> You can see an example there:
> http://www.remi-coulom.fr/Amsterdam2007/
> On 01/09/2016 05:31 AM, Justin .Gilmer wrote:
>> Hello,
>>   I've trained a deep CNN for move prediction and would like to 
>> visualize it using gogui (or a python library if anyone knows of 
>> one!). I have gogui installed and have a somewhat decent 
>> understanding of the go text protocol, although this is my first time 
>> trying to use it. I'm not looking to have my CNN play another 
>> program, instead I'd like to iterate through an existing sgf file and 
>> view the model probablities at each state of the game. So, I'm trying 
>> to write a python script which can communicate with gogui but I'm 
>> getting confused with which gogui executable from the list below I 
>> should be using:
>> gogui-adapter  gogui-convert  gogui-dummy    gogui-server 
>>  gogui-terminal     gogui-twogtp
>> gogui  gogui-client   gogui-display  gogui-regress gogui-statistics 
>>  gogui-thumbnailer
>> I assume one of these should just wait for the program to give a 
>> bunch of genmove commands? Seems like gogui-regress is what I want? I 
>> see no documentation on how to use this on 
>> http://gogui.sourceforge.net/doc/index.html and the provided help 
>> isn't very helpful. Hoping someone on this mailing list has used 
>> gogui before :).
>> Am I missing anything? Is there any easier way to visualize my model? 
>> Many thanks!
>> -Justin Gilmer

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