[Computer-go] longest 3x3 game

"Ingo Althöfer" 3-Hirn-Verlag at gmx.de
Mon Feb 22 07:55:45 PST 2016

Dear John,

thanks for the explanations (and paper announcement).

>> ... (1 + delta)^(m*n).
> This is true, and a delta > 2 follows from a Theorem in an
> upcoming paper by Matthieu Walraet and myself.

Do you mean (1+delta) > 2, or really (1+delta) > 3?

> > Might neural nets help to find (very) long games
> > for given board size?
> Neural nets are not the best way to deal with avoiding superko:-(

I had some special way to use them in mind - but too complicated
to explain it here.

Please let us know when a preprint is available on ArXiv or some other place.

Cheers, Ingo.

PS. I am just a guest of Richard Lorentz in LA. He met you only once
(back in Summer 2002 in Maastricht). Richard still remembers vividly your
research energy! Keep it alive.

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