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David Ongaro david.ongaro at hamburg.de
Wed Feb 3 17:52:35 PST 2016

On 03 Feb 2016, at 06:58, Robert Jasiek <jasiek at snafu.de> wrote:
> On 03.02.2016 15:34, Jim O'Flaherty wrote:
>> Best of luck finding your way through your meaning and value (emotional)
>> reintegration of this newest reality update.
> Nothing has changed (or will change when "brute force" surpasses top human play) for me because my main research goals are the strong solution of go under every go ruleset and the explanation of go theory to human players (incl. myself).

I admire your high aspirations. At the same time I've to point out that you seem to plan to get very old. I also doubt that a meagre million $ will get you far on that endeavour. So much more resources are needed…

In the meantime the Go community will move on and follow approaches which provide a much better and faster return on investment. And to state the obvious: fb and Google are not really interested to provide knowledge systems for Go in order to improve Go understanding for humans. Their motivation is to use Go as a testbed for a general AI which can be applied to a wide range of applications.

But even as a Go-Community that should fill us with satisfaction: don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. If Go can help progressing mankind that also reflects positively on the game itself.

Whereas you and me are probably mostly interested in Go itself and just follow computer Go and AI because of that, I guess it's the other way around for most people on this mailing list. But we all only can win. I just hope that Lee Sedol will win the March match so that Go will win more admires.

David O.

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