[Computer-go] guess AlphaGo's CGOS rating

Hiroshi Yamashita yss at bd.mbn.or.jp
Tue Feb 2 13:33:37 PST 2016


I made CGOS rating include AlphaGo.

                 CGOS    Remi's pro rating(same as paper)

Ke Jie           4642?   3620  Strongest human
Lee Sedol        4538?   3516
AlphaGo          4162?   3140  Distributed, 1202CPUs, 176GPUs
Fan Hui          3942?   2920
AlphaGo          3912?   2890  48CPUs, 8GPUs, one machine
Zen 24core       3800???       KGS 7d, 24 cores, one machine.
Zen-10.8-2c      3485          
CrazyStone-0002  3313          i7-5930K, 6 threads
Zen-10.8-1c      3299          DCNN versoin
Zen-1c-2.8G      3072
AlphaGo RL       2780?         Reinforcement learning, no search
Aya786l_10k      2718          KGS 2d
darkfores2       2657?         KGS 3d, no search
AlphaGo SL       2539?   1517  DCNN,   no search
darkfores1       2490?         KGS 2d, no search
pachi11_Pat_100k 2478
darkforest       2271?         KGS 1d, no search
DCNN_Detlef54    2179          Detlef's 54%, no search
pachi11_Pat_10k  2104
DCNN-Detlef      1903          Detlef's 44%, no search
Gnugo-3.7.10-a1  1800          KGS 5k

? is guess. ??? is my anticipation.

This result is based on AlphaGo(RL) beats Pachi 100k with 85% winrate.
darkforest is also based on winrate against Pachi 100k.
Pro and computers comparison is maybe only from 8-2 result AlphaGo vs
 Fan Hui. So pro is maybe more strong (or weak).
Watching this table, Zen 7d maybe play nice game against one machine

Pro rating is from Remi's site.
CGOS rating is from BayesElo.

Hiroshi Yamashita

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