[Computer-go] Mastering the Game of Go with Deep Neural Networks and Tree Search

Robert Jasiek jasiek at snafu.de
Tue Feb 2 10:03:24 PST 2016

On 02.02.2016 17:29, Jim O'Flaherty wrote:
> AI Software Engineers: Robert, please stop asking our AI for explanations.
> We don't want to distract it with limited human understanding. And we don't
> want the Herculean task of coding up that extremely frail and error prone
> bridge.

Currently I do not ask a specific AI engine explanations. If an AI 
program only has the goal of playing strong, then - while it is playing 
or preparing play - it should not be disturbed with extra tasks.

Explanations can come from AI programs, their programmers, researchers 
providing the theory applied in those programs, researchers analysing 
the program codes, data structures or outputs.

I do not expect everybody to be interested in explanations, but I ask 
those interested. It must be possible to study theory for playing 
programs, their data structures or outputs and find connections to 
explanatory theory - as much as it must be possible to use explanatory 
theory to improve "brute force" programs.

Herculean task? Likely. The research in explanatory theory is, too.

Error prone? I disagree. Errors are not created due to volume of a task 
but due to carelessness or missing study of semantic conflicts.

robert jasiek

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