[Computer-go] Mastering the Game of Go with Deep Neural Networks and Tree Search

Darren Cook darren at dcook.org
Mon Feb 1 01:19:56 PST 2016

> someone cracked Go right before that started. Then I'd have plenty of
> time to pick a new research topic." It looks like AlphaGo has 
> provided.

It seems [1] the smart money might be on Lee Sedol:

1. Ke Jie (world champ) – limited strength…but still amazing… Less than
5% chance against Lee Sedol now. But as it can go stronger, who knows
its future…
2. Mi Yuting (world champ) – appears to be a ‘chong-duan-shao-nian (kids
on the path to pros)’, ~high-level amateur.
3, Li Jie (former national team player) – appears to be pro-level. one
of the games is almost perfect (for AlphaGo)

On the other hand, AlphaGo got its jump in level very quickly (*), so it
is hard to know if they just got lucky (i.e. with ideas things working
first time) or if there is still some significant tweaking possible in
these 5 months of extra development (October 2015 to March 2016).

Have the informal game SGFs been uploaded anywhere? I noticed (Extended
Data Table 1) they were played *after* the official game each day, so
the poor pro should have been tired, but instead he won 2 of the 5 (day
1 and day 5). Was this just due to the short time limits, or did Fan Hui
play a different style (e.g. more aggressively)?


[1]: Comment by xli199 at

[2]: When did DeepMind start working on go? I suspect it might only
after have been after the video games project started to wound down,
which would've Feb 2015? If so, that is only 6-8 months (albeit with a
fairly large team).

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