[Computer-go] Having an "estimated winrate" on the AGA pro game broadcasts

Jackson, Andrew andrew.jackson at usgo.org
Wed Aug 31 15:41:45 PDT 2016

Hello all!  Long time lurker, first time poster:  I'm Andrew Jackson, i
volunteer w/ the AGA in a number of capacities.

Most recently, i've been putting together live broadcasts of games --
professional games from CJK, and also games from AGA events [1]

These broadcasts feature professional commentary to help amateurs
understand what's going on, but the number one question we get in the chat
during the broadcasts is invariably "who's winning?"  I was hoping
computer-go could provide some suggestions on how we might run the
game-in-progress through an engine to get an 'estimated winrate' -- or
better yet, a graph -- that could be overlaid in the corner of the screen.

Which brings me to the computer-go mailing list :)  It seems like someone
on this mailing list would probably have some good ideas about how this
might be accomplished :)  What do you think?

Here are some more details:

The game sgf is kept mirrored on KGS by a human transcriber w/ permission
from the KBA.

The overlay for these broadcasts is already rendered as a local webserver
hosting a simple html shell holding the graphics; my thought was that this
server could easily make requests to another service somewhere.  That
service would be tracking the game and able to send back some json
describing the engine's view of the game, its confidence, etc.  We could
then plot with d3.js right on the overlay.

The service would need to run somewhere else, as the computer streaming the
game is already using all the CPU for transcoding & pushing the video.

Given general overview of the goal & constraints, I ask you:

 - Does this sound plausible?
 - Any ideas for an engine that would be easy to hook this into?
 - Are bots capable of spectating games on KGS?

Thanks in advance for any help you might provide!
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