[Computer-go] September KGS Slow bot tournament

Nick Wedd maproom at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 05:44:37 PDT 2016

The September KGS bot tournament will start on Sunday, September 4th at 22:00
UTC and end by 14:05 UTC on September th.  It will use 19x19 boards, with
time limits of almost four hours each plus very fast Canadian overtime, and
komi of 7½.

It will be a Swiss tournament, with two divisions.  Only bots that have
shown that they can beat gnugo3pt8 (currently rated as 5k on KGS) may enter
the Formal Division. Bots of any strength may enter the Open Division. If
there are fewer than three entrants (not counting gnugo3pt8) for the Formal
Division, they will be transferred to the Open Division, and the Formal
Division will be cancelled.

See http://www.gokgs.com/tournInfo.jsp?id=1068 and http://www.gokgs.com/

Please register by emailing me at maproom at gmail.com, with the words "KGS
Tournament Registration" in the email title, saying which division you want
to play in.

Nick Wedd      maproom at gmail.com
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