[Computer-go] Missing results for Computer Go events

Hideki Kato hideki_katoh at ybb.ne.jp
Sat Aug 13 23:44:17 PDT 2016

Nick Wedd: <CAEVtG+MTQ7MakRW+M-XVQjdozKkU+Nu+n5dzBHge5onbCLtAUQ at mail.gmail.com>: 
>I have not been able to find any results for three Computer Go events from
>this year:
>4th Densei-Sen March 23

Although above English page has no results yet, Japanese page 
(http://entcog.c.ooco.jp/entcog/densei/densei4/) does have. 
Kobayashi 9p won the first game (vs. darkforest) and lost the 
second (vs. Zen).  The record of the first game is available at 
http://entcog.c.ooco.jp/entcog/densei/densei4/densei4_1.sgf and 
the second at 
http://entcog.c.ooco.jp/entcog/densei/densei4/densei4_2.sgf .

>Korea Baduk Association June or July

I believe it was canceled due to the AlphaGo shock.

>FuzzIEEE 2016 July 25-29


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