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On Tue, Apr 19, 2016 at 11:23 PM, djhbrown . <djhbrown at gmail.com> wrote:
> 6D out of the blue is no mean achievement,...  60+ years ago, the
> market for gizmos in UK was flooded with cheap Japanese copies of
> European products; but whilst innovation and product quality
> improvement by European manufacturers faded as their fat cat owners
> complacently went cocacola-soaked soft,  Japanese industry, unlike its
> USA counterpart, was listening attentively to the wise words of
> W.Edwards Deming (eg [1,2]) and beginning to improve the reliability,
> efficiency and efficacy of its products, and by about 30 years ago,
> Japanese engineering was the equal or better of even German
> technology.
> Korean, Formosan and Hong Kong e-tigers followed hotfoot in Japan's
> footsteps, and now the same thing is happening in China, so we can
> expect to see a vast array of Shanghai-teenager-bedroom-produced
> shanghaied miniclones of Alpha, most with unimaginative copycat names
> like Beta, Eta, Theta, AIota etc, skulking around the corridors of the
> Internet, all of which will at first be cheap imitations, but sowing
> the seeds of in-house and inter-house R&D quality circles, so that
> their own descendants will before very long become to Californian IT
> as Japanese fuel-efficient reliable engines are to US unreliable
> gas-guzzlers.
> Watch out Google Cloud byte-guzzlers, teenage rebels with the lessons
> of Deming in their notebooks, who have learned from history and from
> the sterling modus operandi of Steve Jobs and Uncle Tom Cobley et al,
> are on their way up your Jacob's ladder...
> 1.  Charles A. Barclay (1993) Quality Strategy and TQM Policies:
> Empirical Evidence.
> MIR: Management International Review Vol. 33, Strategic Quality Management.
> 2.  http://asq.org/learn-about-quality/total-quality-management/overview/deming-points.html
>>> Anybody knows who is the author of BetaGo? It is playing with account
>>> GoBeta on KGS, and is 6d.
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