[Computer-go] US Go Congress 2016 "Computer Go Afternoon" invitation

"Ingo Althöfer" 3-Hirn-Verlag at gmx.de
Sat Apr 16 02:49:52 PDT 2016

Hi Michael,

thanks for the very interesting information!
>>> We already have confirmed attendance from the AlphaGo team. 
>> * Who from the AlphaGo tram intends to come to the US Go Congress?
> This from the ejournal, minus the photo:
> Google DeepMind team members Aja Huang 7d and Hui Fan 2P have just 
> confirmed that they’ll attend this year’s US Go Congress in Boston. 

Wow! My congratulations to the organizers of the US Congress. They
managed to get two of the central persons from the AlphaGo team
(the other two being David Silver and Demis Hassabis).

For the European Go Congress (in St. Petersburg, same time as US Congress) 
this means that title defender Fan Hui (European Champion 2013-2015) will
not defend his title.

> ... Dr. Huang (right) ... will give the keynote speech — together with 
> European champion Hui Fan 2p — at the Congress opening ceremony on July 30. 

I know Aja from previous Computer Games conferences (in particular
Leiden 2011). He is a very good and entertaining speaker. So, congratulations
again to get him engaged!

> ... We are working on confirming attendance with some other teams, 

They should definitely try to get David Fotland. He (living at the
West coast) is - at least in my eyes - the great old man of Computer Go.


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