[Computer-go] Lee Sedol's reviews on AlphaGo games

David Doshay ddoshay at mac.com
Mon Apr 11 18:20:37 PDT 2016


After 1400 words you get to your point. 
Your point about Monte Carlo techniques is well known to this list.
Your 1400 word digression on neurons and their networks is really not news to this list either (in my case there is 5+ years working for NASA doing computational neuroscience).

While you are mostly civil, and I have found both humor and occasional insight in your postings, you have succeeded in doing exactly what your .sig file indicates: you have once again shot yourself in your foot.

David G Doshay

ddoshay at mac.com

> On 11, Apr 2016, at 5:08 PM, djhbrown . <djhbrown at gmail.com> wrote:
> Lee Sedol and the rest of us should scratch our heads as well as shake
> them in dismay, for we all have been beaten at our own game by a
> dumbass box of tricks that just guesses. Fancy that!
> -- 
> patient: "whenever i open my mouth, i get a shooting pain in my foot"
> doctor: "fire!"

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