[Computer-go] Operators for Frisbee Go Simulation

David Fotland fotland at smart-games.com
Thu Apr 7 22:08:09 PDT 2016

How do you want to set up the tournament?  If you have some process outside the go program change the move, then it takes some work to get the result back in.  Otherwise you have to trust the go program to move the stone position properly, but there could be bugs, so it's hard to verify.


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> Hello Ingo, if possible I'd like an operator for my program. I'd help him/her
> remotely before Leiden.
> I'm also letting everyone know my program now has the minimum effort for
> frisbee Go (https://bitbucket.org/gonmf/matilda/). I'm looking for other
> programs that I can test it with. I lack both a sparring partner and
> connecting software, so it is likely very poor right now.
> On frisbee Go itself I used the following definition:
> 1. An intended play must be legal -- no playing on top of a stone hoping it
> 'falls' to the neighbor positions.
> 2. Unintentional plays that are illegal are nulled and don't imply a desire
> to end the match.
> 3. The distribution of unintentional plays around the 4 neighbors is constant
> even at the border where there are never 4 neighbors; "You hit the target
> with prob. p, and its 4 neighbours with probability (1-p)/4.". The residual
> probability at the border is not reused for on-board plays.
> 4. Probability parameter p cannot be changed midgame, for simplification.
> 5. Technically, using the GTP, I assumed genmove_reg+play commands are used,
> instead of genmove+undo+play or something frisbee specific. This is probably
> stating the obvious.
> Gon alo
> On 06/04/2016 14:54, "Ingo Alth fer" wrote:
> > Hello,
> > one of the games in the Computer Olympiad in Leiden (June 27 till July
> > 03, 2016) will be "Frisbee Go Simulation"
> > on 9x9 boards.
> >
> > I am willing to operate one "foreign" program (David Fotlands bot is
> > my first choice). And I will find operators for one or two other
> > programs, when I know until end of next week (the operators I have in
> > mind have to make their hotel bookings (special
> > rate) rather soon).
> >
> > Please, let me know if you need an operator for the Frisbee Go
> > simulation bot.
> >
> > Cheers, Ingo.
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