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uurtamo .: <CADg0iNBRQg9d1MY2VWEJ_n4GkRZbL5iOYO6Bscrh7mPhFCsQJA at mail.gmail.com>:
>BTW: have you tried other distributional difference metrics, or does K-L
>have properties that you like?

No. #I haven't tried any distributional difference. The paper is not 

As MC simulations add big randomness to the scores, I wonder if 
maximizing frequency method is better than simple average.  My 
expectation is it's almost the same.  Improving simulations has much 
more priority for me.

#Mathematically, K-L divergence would be the best measure. anyway.  
Problem is maximizing frequency may not approximate maximizing the 
divergence due to the simulations' random biases.


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>> >thank you for sharing the paper.
>> >
>> >"the Maximum Frequency method is based on the
>> >maximization of the difference between the expected reward of
>> >the optimal move and that of others"
>> >
>> >intuitively it feels that biasing random search towards the optimal route
>> >would yield reduced failure rates, yet it does seem to depend on knowing
>> >what the optimal route is beforehand.
>> UCT is never a random search but deterministic.
>> Maxmizing KL-divergence just speed-up the convergence of the interative
>> algorithm.
>> Hideki
>> >if i knew the optimal route to get from A to B, i wouldn't bother doing a
>> >random search, but just follow it.
>> >
>> >"This property [“bias in suboptimal moves”] means that the impact of
>> >missing the optimal move is much greater for one player than it is for the
>> >opponent."
>> >
>> >i find this conclusion puzzling because Go is a zero-sum game, so what is
>> >good for one side is equally bad for the other, not variably so.  I have
>> >not checked the statistical inference calculations to see whether there is
>> >an error in them.
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