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Fri May 1 23:11:29 PDT 2015

Great! Thanks for your efforts. I have just connected Crazy Stone, and it seems to be working.

My favorite setting would be 9x9 with 7-point komi. But unfortunately, I believe CGOS does not support jigo. Would be great if it did.


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I set up a CGOS server at home. It is connected via dyndns, which is not 
optimal of cause :(


8080 (webinterface)
8083 (19x19, GnuGo 3.8 set to ELO 1800 as anachor)

This is mainly for testing, if I get CGOS up correctly, what to do to 
have it permanently running still to be seen.
I am not able to test the connection from the outside, hopefully I set 
up everything correctly.
I might stop the server for the tournament on sunday, as it is the same 

future plan is:
8081 for 9x9 8082 for 13x13 and 8084 for 25x25.
(you will see on the web interface, as soon as the other boardsizes are 
switched on.

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