[Computer-go] Learning from CGOS

Remco Bloemen remco.bloemen at singularityu.org
Tue Mar 31 00:11:29 PDT 2015

I would appreciate being able to download complete plays logs of all the
games ever played on the server, for analysis.

It would also be nice to have a web interface for replaying live and old
games (much like http://www.codecup.nl has), but this can always be
added later.

In any case, I would encourage you to store as much data as you can. For
example complete GTP transactions with timestamped messages. Storage is
cheap and it will very likely be useful in the future.

— Remco

On 29-03-15 06:58, Joshua Shriver wrote:
> What elements did you like about CGOS and what do you wish for?
> I've begun writing a new version from scratch that isn't TCL based.
> With the aim for future use and also open source and open to public
> commits.
> -Josh
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