[Computer-go] Cogito--another minimal Go engine

Zach Wegner zwegner at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 14:55:33 PDT 2015

With all the talk about Michi (which is very nice btw, Petr!), I
figured now would be a good time to do a little more work on my old
super-minimalist obfuscated Go engine, and finally show it off to the
world. Cogito was mostly written in 2008/2009, I only did some
cleaning up/bug fixing/shrinking.

At current count, using the IOCCC rules, there are only 1891
characters of C source code, or 2277 bytes if counted normally. It
only uses basic UCT with no eye-filling. I might try experimenting
with adding more heuristics, perhaps RAVE, as long as there isn't too
much code required. The code is certainly twisted and unintelligible,
but I might be convinced to write up some explanation of the code
structure and what all the one-character variable names mean...

Cogito has a simple terminal interface, but currently no way to play
through gtp. I once had a shell script that would interface it with
CGOS (where it played a bit in ~2009, with a rating of something like
1300), but it's been lost. I might whip up a little adapter script in
Python if there's interest. For just playing a terminal game, there's
some instructions in the readme.

Without further ado, the repository: https://github.com/zwegner/cogito

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