[Computer-go] [ANN] Michi - 15x15 ~6k KGS in 540 lines of Python?code

Andrea Carta andrea.carta at mclink.it
Fri Mar 27 07:18:05 PDT 2015

> You'll need to start reading/changing the code  - the second point is
> about the N_SIMS variable.

Well, I don't like changing other people's software, but if you wish...

> What kind of computer are you playing on?
> It might be that on Windows Python cannot use multiple processes...

Windows 7 on a I5 processor, and I'm quite sure multiprocesses is OK (I see
5 python processes running when michi is thinking). Maybe it's multicore
usage not working properly. I will investigate that.
BTW, this morning I managed to finish the game. I won by 7 points (88-81
area), that means either me or michi won depending on Komi. Let's say this
was a practical draw, meaning our level should be the same, and that
confirms michi must really be 6K on KGS.
I noticed michi got on playing for a long time after the game was settled,
despite my continual passing. For a 6K program that was a bit strange.

mr. Andrea Carta

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