[Computer-go] [ANN] Michi - 15x15 ~6k KGS in 540 lines of Python?code

Andrea Carta andrea.carta at mclink.it
Thu Mar 26 05:46:04 PDT 2015

> It should be enough to just enter the path to the program, make sure to
> pass the "gtp" parameter.  Try opening the shell window to investigate
> if you hit trouble.

After opening the shell window it works: michi.py is the right command to
let it work (of course I have the Python interpreter installed).
In GoGui, it does not. Selecting "michi.py" from "new program window" throws
an "invalid win32 application". The same happens selecting "michi.pyc" (the
compiled program, that also works inside the shell window). Selecting python
executable plus full path of michi.py throws "malformed response". Nothing
changes adding --mode gtp to all the commands above.

>> - can't download patterns.spats. Download stops at 247 bytes.
> Oops, thanks for the heads-up.  Fixed.

Now it works! Thanks.

mr. Andrea Carta

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